How to select a Laptop, consider these 10 tips before purchasing a new laptop

By | May 23, 2019
Consider these 10 tips before purchasing a new laptop

How to select a Laptop is the question arisen whenever we thought of buying a new laptop for yourself, family or for a friend. I would like to give some input towards “How to select a Laptop”. Buying a new laptop is a very existing task for anyone but if you miss looking at some of the key points then your excitement may not last for a long period.

Just go through this blog post to identify why you should consider these 10 tips before purchasing a new laptop.

Let’s start with Number 10.

10. Online Shopping.

Some of you may not be a fan of Online shopping but trust me online shopping is equally reliable as offline shopping and the terms and conditions are also the same in both the online and offline market. We can save a good sum of money by using online shopping. Personally, I prefer Amazon. 

Note: Order cannot be canceled but one can get a replacement if the product is physically damaged during the shipping or product is not working.

Number 9.

9. Weight of the Laptop.

If you are one of those who has to carry a laptop for all day like students or field employees then it can be a problem. Carrying a heavy laptop around all day can take a toll on your arms and shoulders. Hence we strongly recommend to use the light weight laptops. Try to buy a laptop which is up to 1.5 kilograms.

Number 8.

Touch Screen or a Normal Laptop.

I am a fan of Touch screen Laptop but they are expensive than the normal laptops and they also consume more battery. For field employees, touch screen laptops may be useful for presentations purpose.

Number 7.

Genuine Operating System.

By now almost every one of us is aware of Hacking or recently highlighted issue like ransomware. whatever you name for the attack but they all happen only for a couple of reasons.

  • First, Not Having a Genuine operating system. I am talking about Windows Genuine operating system and you should buy it along with the hardware.
  • Secondly, Keep your laptop updated with Windows Updated and Anti-Virus.

Number 6.

Graphics Card

Graphics card is mandatory if the new laptop is for Gaming, Drawing applications like Autocad or for any Heavy application which required heavy graphics.

Number 5.

RAM aka Computer Memory

Computer memory is one of the crucial component after computer processor, recent operating systems are consuming a good amount of memory. Buying a 4 GB RAM laptop in the present condition is not recommended. Consider buying a laptop with 8 GB RAM minimum or more.

Number 4.

Warranty and Extended Warranty

Extend for a small fee is worth a try for your new laptop. Mostly offline sellers offer extended warranty for free. you should try it if you love the offline market for shopping.

Number 3.

SSD over HDD

SSD (Solid State Disk) aka Flash Drive is becoming more popular. They offer great performance when compared with regular hard disks. Windows 10 can be started in below 10 seconds using SSD. New generation laptops are offered with SSD & HDD. SSD for Operating System and HDD for storage.

Number 2.


For Students, Notes writing or for Web browsing purpose 13 inches laptop screen is ideal and if you are IT professionals who are more into programming and development or drawing application user then the 15-inch screen is better.

Note: Carrying could be a challenge if the screen size is more than 15 inches.

Number 1.


Finally the most important part of the Laptop or Desktop, Processor is a key component of your laptop or desktop and one should choose processor model carefully. Intel processor’s are chosen more often compare to other brands. Intel Processors starts with i3, i5, i7 and i9.

  • i3 Processor is ideal for Normal users like Web Browsing, eMail Accessing or Document creations.
  • i5 & i7 processors are ideal for Gaming, Drawing application and for Video editing applications.
  • i9 Processor is the latest once and this is ideal for Heavy Gaming and faster 4K video editing.

Assuming that based on the above information you have selected an processor but also look for latest generation from processor mode. Example is given below.

  • An Intel Core i9-9900T is a 9th-generation processor.
  • An Intel Core i7-8500Y is an 8th-generation processor.
  • An Intel Core i7-7500K is a 7th-generation processor.


Buying a new laptop isn’t a challenge anymore, if you are purchasing it from Online shopping sites then look for Most rated and consider above mentioned options like SSD instead of HDD, 8 GB or More RAM, Right choice of CPU, Display size based on the requirements and Genuine operating system with Good Antivirus application should your keep laptop up and running for good amount of time. Happy Shopping and Thanks for reading.

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