The smartphone is stealing our time, Check if you are addicted to Mobile.

By | June 10, 2019

Can you imagine life without a Mobile phone and you do not spend more than an hour on a mobile phone?

You need to answer it to yourself.

If your answer is ‘Yes’, That’s Amazing!! It is great to know that you are living a great life.

If your answer if ‘No’, Then probably you need to consider looking at the usage of the mobile phone as it clearly indicates that you are addicted to your mobile phone.
Yes, we agree to that fact that Mobile phone is an Important tool in our day to day life but we want you to check if you are using it only for a productive purpose.

We are going to list 5 Major Signs of Mobile Phone Addiction

1. Constantly checking your Phone

effects of mobile phones

If you are that kind of a person who keeps a mobile phone in hands all the time constantly checking for WhatsApp messages, Email or randomly checking all installed apps in your mobile then this could be the clear indication of Addiction.

2. Your Mobile is Permanently Hooked to Power Bank

effects of mobile phones

When one is addicted to a mobile phone, the thought of having to wait till you check messages or post an update, play a favorite game, etc makes you restless. This is the reason we don’t even have the patience to wait till out mobile is fully charged. So, the phone is permanently hooked to the power bank while we appear to be busy doing non-productive activities.

3. Your Mobile phone is the First and last thing of the day

effects of mobile phones

Have you ever wondered if a mobile phone is affecting your personal life? Hope you all remember It used to be the normal of the day when you wake up, you greet our loved ones, engage in a hearty conversation with them over a cup of coffee in the morning, etc.. Nowadays the moment you wake up, you grab your phone and check it. You consider as if your phone is the most important thing in life and nothing else. It surely affects the relation and bonding.

4. You take pictures of almost everything

It is true that ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’. But, it doesn’t mean you have got to take meaningless pictures of each and everything and share it. This shows that you are obsessed with Good morning/night selfies, pictures related to food, coffee, flower and etc.. etc.

5. You are obsessively checking for Emails, Texts, WhatsApp messages and missed call’s

Constantly checking for new messages or mail alerts has become a habit. You are not allowing your brain to get some rest because when you get a chance during a break, you immediately start tinkering with your mobile looking for some fun messages or videos on Whatsapp.

Negative Effects of Excessive Mobile Phone Use

1. You are losing the most important thing – Life.

effects of mobile phones

Yes, you are losing valuable moments of your LIFE my friends. You are so much engaged in a mobile phone that you often forget there is a life outside of it. You forget what you like, dislike and your hobbies. It also impacts family relations and your happiness in a bad way.

Consider this, you and your family members could be in the middle of an important discussion and when they need your opinion, they find you immersed in playing a game on your phone or the worst part is that you may not even be paying attention to the discussion. The consequence is self-explanatory.

Try to remember when was the last time you ate sitting with family without a mobile phone or watching TV. If you are not able to do so then man you need a break from your phone.

2. It causes CANCER

Continuous usage of mobile phone poses serious health risks. Constant exposure to mobile phone radiation could even cause Cancer. You clearly know what it means if one gets Cancer, it is almost untreatable. You would never want your life to end without any meaningful purpose. We need to love People and use things but check if you are doing it in the other way.

The man is ‘Social’ being. People have got so used to mobile phones that they are not even socializing anymore. Try to remember when was the last time you made a one-to-one conversation with your friends or some random person in public places like a bus station or train station. Don’t just engross in your mobile phone thinking its cool. No, It’s NOT. Take a Break and start communicating personally.

3. You are loosing Physical and Mental Fitness

You may have become or already are victims of back pain. The culprit here is a mobile phone and the prime reason for the pain is because of the posture we adopt for checking our mobile phone. If you are accessing your phone for hours in unhealthy posture then it will definitely have its toll on your health.

4. Making your memory weaker

you will be surprised to know that the capacity of a Human Brain is 2.5 petabytes (or a million gigabytes). Amazing is it not? Though it is so powerful we are not utilizing our brain properly, instead, we have developed the habit of using our mobile phone even for very small tasks.

Simple calculations at a shop are done using the calculator app, and students have this habit of taking notes from a friend not through written means but by simply taking a picture of it. All such things make your brain idle. This in-activeness will lead to weak memory. Even scientist have claimed handwriting improves memory and learning process.

5. You are Distracted all the time

It has been proven that in order to successfully retain knowledge, the best method is to involve all three senses of writing, seeing and listening when taking notes. ‘Focus’ is the key to performing various important tasks flawlessly. However, Mobile phone is one major reason for distraction or not being able to focus on anything.

Suppose you are performing an extremely important task, you cannot focus as you keep getting distracted because you need to constantly check your phone for some non-productive tasks. Your multitasking makes you lose your focus. This is because you are more interested in Phone / WhatsApp messages etc.. instead of focusing on the planned activity like reading and taking notes. Whatever you are reading is stored in temporary memory and will be vanished since your brain is not focused.

If you are consciously or unconsciously attached and addicted to mobile phone then seriously it’s time to change. Do it Now.


Talk to yourself on how mobile phone is damaging your life, personal time, professional time, money and etc. Example: “I am not focused because of the messages I am getting during my study/office hours. “Promise yourself that you will access the phone at certain times only or only when there is a necessity of it.

You need to use a mobile phone as the mode of communication only, no emails, WhatsApp or some other tech jargon. It would be very difficult to practice this initially but eventually, you will get used to it for your own good.

Don’t lose yourself in digital tracks, start one to one communication, start making friends in real, start bonding with people, build relations and start playing funny Games in Real.

effects of mobile phones
Finally. Be the REAL YOU.

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