Top free software as an alternative to paid software

By | June 8, 2019
Best free Video Editing software

We all might have thought of getting a free alternative to paid software’s, trust me the free software’ are equally good as paid ones.

Startups or Small Office’s does not or would like to spend much on Document Editing software’s the when best alternatives are available to download and use. I would like to share the Top free alternatives to paid software’s.

Best free Microsoft Office software alternatives

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3WPS by Kingsoft

Our Pick is Openoffice, This is the best Document editing software as a paid software alternative but if you would like to have the same look and feel of MS Office then you should go for WPS.

Best free Antivirus software

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1KasperskyKaspersky SiteFree
2Windows Defender by
Microsoft SiteFree
3AvastAvast SiteFree

Our Pick is Kaspersky, This is the best Antivirus software that is available for free. The free version comes with basic protection and this is good enough for people who are using computer normal browsing and document editing purpose but if you have to deal more with online transactions like trading, online banking or shopping then I recommend you to go for the paid version of Kaspersky.

Best free Video Editing software

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2KdenliveKdenlive SiteFree
3Davinci ResolveDavinci Resolve SiteFree

Our Pick is Shotcut, This is the best Video editing software amongst all free software. Shotcut software gives professional editing feel while giving you less complexity using the software.

Best free Remote Desktop software

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3Chrome Remote DesktopChrome Remote Desktop

Our Pick is Teamviewer, This is the best Remote Desktop software that works flawlessly. The free version is available only for personal use.

Best Free Backup Software for Windows

S.NoSoftware NameLinkLicensing
1Google driveGoogle Drive LinkFree,
Online Storage up to 15 GB
2EaseUS TodoEaseUS Todo LinkFree for Home Users,
No Online Storage
OneDrive LinkFree,
Online Storage up to 5 GB

Our Pick is Google Drive, Google drive is the best option if you have a small office in which most of the data is spreadsheets or documents. If you have huge data to which backup is must then you can go for the paid version of it at a reasonable price.

Conclusion: I hope i have covered all the free alternative applications which are required for any small office or startup. I will be scouting for more free alternatives and share it with you. Thanks for Reading !..

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